The 160 page book comes with 32 full color pictures and over 122 black and white photos. Full color front & back & inside covers with a 6 page color section featuring cleverly colorized photos by Peter Dunnet. Volume One includes Buddy and the Crickets' story from the beginning to February of 1958. The first volume includes the Early Days, the Grand Ole Opry Tour, the Black Tour, Alan Freed's Third Anniversary Show, the Biggest Show of Stars for '57 tour, Surf Ballroom 1957 show, Alan Freed's Christmas Jubilee, the America's Greatest Teen-Age Recording Stars tour and the Show of Stars tour which includes Hawaii and the Big Show tour of Australia. Besides the story, the book includes many rare never before seen show ads including the Grand Ole Opry tour with Faron Young, the newspaper ads for the Howard Theater and the Apollo Theater, rare newspaper ads and reviews from all of Holly's early tours, many rare photographs, record ads and reviews, interviews and much more. A very special story written just for this book by Freeman Hover about his meeting with Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Plus Graham Pugh's story of Holly and the Crickets' Oklahoma City Connection. Holly's story continues in Volume Two and into Volume Three which also includes the life stories of Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. These books are very limited special editions.



"The Life and Times of Buddy Holly & the Crickets" arrived today. Thank you for covering the Picks contributions to Buddy Holly & the Crickets on 9 of their first 12 songs. It is a fine book and we wish you well with it.

John and Vicky Pickering



Hi Alan
I just sent off for your masterpiece and I am quite excited about reading everything that you've come up with. I own your other publications and anyone who knows of the name "Alan Clark" can always expect a quality read. You are truly a credit to the Buddy Holly community.
Ryan Vandergriff

Hi Alan

Just a brief note to thank you for the superb volume 1 of Buddy & The Crickets Life and Times. It is quality in every respect - great pictures and commentary along with a wealth of primary source material I've never seen before. The layout is great not least those coloured and colorized photos - best anywhere. The whole volume provides an excellent resource and complements the key texts on the subject from Bill, John B and John G etc. Finally the high quality packaging ensured that it crossed the pond with no problems at all. Please put me on the list for Volume 2!! Very best wishes.
Barry Holley in Yorkshire, England.


  Volume one is fantastic. Let us know when volume two is out!
Chuck Dale

  Alan Clark has the 1st volume of his trilogy to Buddy completed. I picked one up at the Surf and it is excellent.

I would like to order your latest Buddy Holly book. I really enjoyed your Eddie Cochran book. I remember the thrill of winning it on eBay a few years back, and the quality of the book exceeded my grandest expectations! I wish more of my favorite artists had a book like this one to further enhance their legacy. I can't wait to check out the current and future Buddy Holly releases.
Rick Peters

  Hello Alan,
I bought a copy of your book "The Life And Times Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets" at the Surf Ballroom this year.  I must say that I was not disappointed.  There are things that grab my interest on every page.  Keep up the great work!
Bruce Creger


What's up Alan!

I received the book today and it's really awesome! I'm looking forward to reading the other two!





Hi Alan, I received the book today, man that’s excellent! Very many thanks for the mentions – appreciate that. I have done a quick scan and its really packed full, great layout and pics, well done, hope it sells a million! Going to sit down this weekend and give it a good read!!!
Cheers, Peter FD




 Dear Alan,
I'm almost halfway through your book. You have done an excellent job of research, finding articles, photos and newspaper ads. You must have had to travel all over the U.S. to do your research. I am greatly impressed. I hope volumes 2 and 3 are just as good.




I am sure most people here would be aware of who Alan Clark is. If not, he is the man who has been producing many wonderful books of photos, clippings of various artists lives from Holly to the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens etc. etc. Alan, in his own right is also a wonderful singer and musician.

I wanted to let you know I have just received my copy of Alan's latest book entitled "The Life And Times Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets Part One" and it is simply fantastic. Lots of new photos and clippings and many other articles. Chapters such as the Early Days, Grand Ole Opry Tour, the Black Tour, the Australian Tour and many, many others. I can recommend it. For those interested in purchasing please contact Alan direct at:

Roddy Jordan




I received my copy of Alan's new book recently and was amazed by the newspaper clippings and advertisements for shows he has amassed, many of which were totally new to me. The advertisements for the appearance at the Surf Ballroom in November 1957 just blew me away.

I love this book and urge all fans to get a copy. This is as much of an invaluable tool as Remembering Buddy, Bill Griggs' Day By Day books and Rod Jordan's excellent tome about the Australian tour.

I really cannot wait to get parts 2 and 3 of this wonderful book and Alan should be very proud of his work.


Chris Rees




Dear Alan,
Just ordered another one of your super book. Keep up the good work. It was worth the wait and then some.
Steve Bonner




Volume one is fantastic. Let us know when volume two is out!
Chuck Dale




 Just finished Alan Clark's new book about Buddy and I enjoyed it very much. I have most of Alan's previous books and this one is the best yet in my opinion. It is stuffed full with rare clippings and pictures, many of which were new to me.
This book is the first of three and covers the period from 1936 until just prior to the March 1958 UK tour and I for one can not wait to get the next edition.
We have been waiting for many years for this set of books and it has been well worth the wait in my opinion.
I bought my copies, one to read and one to keep, directly from Alan's website at and recommend this book to all fans of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.




 I should like to add to this chorus of approval. Alan has been at the center of networking with Holly, Cochran and other dedicated rock 'n roll fans for many years and this has paid off brilliantly. This 'scrapbook' format is brilliant for primary sources, especially the photos, which include some which are a revelation thanks to the wonderful colorizing skills of Peter F. Dunnet.
There are some remarkable 'new' shots of Eddie Cochran in performance alongside the Buddy rare pix. It is an excellent complement to the other major books we have from John Beecher, John Goldrosen, Bill Griggs, Roddy Jordan and Larry Lehmer.




 Thanks for the nice compliment Markat, although I am biased, I think that Alan has done a really great job on this book. I love his humorous 'editor' injections. Anyone that knows Alan will know his great sense of humor. I comes across very well. Apart from producing some really excellent music, he truly does have a talent for putting together absorbing reading material. Well done Alan, looking forward to part two.
Peter F Dunnet




 I received my copy today. Posted March 5. No snail mail, indeed.
Be sure to read more about this great book soon on my fanpages.




There's something in Alan's book for everyone - from the casual reader to the aficionado. Highly recommended.
Graham Pugh



 What made my eyes pop out was how Alan collected the newspaper display ads for almost every city on the Biggest Show of Stars tour in 1957. Both sad & funny were the articles about the Biggest Show of Stars by local newspaper reporters reprinted in full throughout the book. There were so many adults who were just blindsided at the time by the arrival of this new kind of music. But doggone it, if these people were journalists, why are their articles so full of bafflement instead of the results of research about the music, the musicians and the songs? I guess many had to go to the show and have something pounded out on paper for the next edition. I think it was the article reprinted from the Regina paper that reported on the event, the audience, the musicians and the songs and got the names and titles correct. That article really stood out for me. Then at some point in the book it is as if Alan, our intrepid editor, got so fed up with the clueless bashing by the hapless reporters that he started adding his own replies, even at one point saying "get a rope!" The more of these I read the more I laughed. I have 37 similar books published by Alan Clark dating back to 1979. I know I don't have all of them. I think it has been over ten years since the last one. I am really glad to have this one. My thanks to you, Alan!!
Mark Dillman




 Just to say that I'm enjoying Alan's book too, just as I knew I would. We all rib Alan about 'delays,' but it's all in good fun. Terrific book--as always--and a terrific guy. Alan's books always have that wonderful 'homespun' feel about them, like a scrapbook almost. I just love the story about Buddy and the Crickets purportedly playing the Surf in 1957. Glad to know you Alan. It was great meeting your daughter at Clear Lake. Thanks for always being right at the front when it comes to being a Buddy's Buddie at the high school shows we put on each year at Clear Lake and now Garner.
Paul King




 I would like to endorse all the comments so far! This is a high quality production in every respect-especially those amazing colorized pix, thanks to Peter F. Dunnet. The one of young Buddy without his specs inside the front cover is just stunning! Alan's enthusiasm and dedication to research deserves to make this labor of love successful. The ads, reviews and great photos are all great-plus our editor's amusing asides. The book neatly complements Bill's Day by Day series. Every Cricket's fan should grab a copy and ensure that Volumes 2 and 3 appear. Many thanks, Alan!
Barry Holley




Deserves ten stars. Have just finished volume one of Alan Clark's book, "Life & Times of Buddy Holly & the Crickets."

Wow! Alan did an impressive lot of fantastic research on this book. I'm very favorably impressed. Can't wait for volumes 2 and 3. Keep up the good work, Alan.

Sue in Arizona